Father and son team Bill and Billy Den Ouden are both licensed drainers with the Victorian Plumbing Industry Commission. Bill has 45 years’ experience under his belt (license no 32972). Billy has been working alongside Bill for 21 years (license no 38156). Den Ouden Contracting installs septic tanks and treatment systems in Ballarat and surrounding areas.

Over the years we have installed various systems including:

  • standard septic tank system and effluent lines
  • treatment plant system and effluent lines
  • sand filter system and effluent lines
  • mound systems
  • pump and pumping chambers
  • specialised works.

The type of septic treatment system and amount of effluent lines required will depend on the following:

  • the size of your property
  • the slope of the property
  • how many bedrooms and study the house will have
  • specific Council requirements
  • conditions and recommendations outlined in the Land Capability Assessment.

What is a Land Capability Assessment (LCA)? 

  • An LCA is a report prepared by a geotechnical professional. An LCA contains information on key site and soil features of a property, along with ratings and recommendations of which septic system will be most suitable for that property.
  • The information contained in an LCA will allow Council to determine an appropriate management program for residential development in an unsewered area. The LCA is used for approving a Permit to Install a Septic Tank System and Planning Permit Application.

What do you need to apply for a permit to install a septic treatment system? 

  1. A Permit to Install a Septic Tank System – this can be obtained from your local Council’s office or website.
  2. Payment to accompany the above permit application.
  3. Site plan layout showing the property boundaries, proposed house site and where the septic treatment system will be installed.
  4. House plan layout.
  5. Land Capability Assessment (LCA).

Contact our office today via email or phone us on (03) 5342 0857 to obtain a free, no obligation quote or if you require help to lodge your septic tank application with your local council.